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"Music without borders, without labels, crystalline melodies, perfect arrangements, performing mastery, airy and lyrical atmospheres, all this has given the large audience this fantastic band of which we will hear for a long time to speak."
JazzIT, Italy and Suiss, 2018

"Contemporary music, jazz languages and popular echoes surpass their stylistic boundaries by projecting themselves into a world of global culture. The demolition of classifications between genres and styles is the compositional brand that characterizes the ten-year activity of the Orchestra da Tre Soldi."
RS2, National Suiss Radio, 2017

"These romantic Italians have transmitted to us the passionate, volcanic and melodic imprint of their country. All this thanks to a combination of musical passion, excellent solo performances, and the cohesion of a group in which the artistic feel joins beautifully with a valuable repertoire.", Romania, 2010

"A truly ambitious and interesting portrait of certain beautiful music often forgotten, proposed with irony and a pinch of theatricality that in some cases is a just and necessary component."
SUONO, Italy, 2008